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Mitchell Blades Warranty

  • All paddle blades and straight shafts are warranted up to 12 months after final retail customer purchase.
  • Retail customer must show proof of purchase off the original wholesale Buyer, or warrant is void.
  • Warranties are granted purely at our discretion, and will only cover material, or manufacturing faults.
  • Granted warranties will be paid in the form of product replacement, or money.
  • Order clarification must be confirmed to us by email, order form, or via our website shop for assured authentication.
  • UK delivery and foreign export/shipping charges are not included in the warranty.
  • Mitchell Blades do not warrant cranked shafts. Cranked shafts are warranted by their own manufacturers. Mitchell Blades will willingly send any bona fide claim declaring a fault, or broken crank back to the original manufacturer for assessment. Overseas shipping charges will be exempt if shaft replaced.