Bombora mv - 670 cm2

Bombora was designed based on our Barakuda blades. The Barakuda is a surf/freestyle paddle, but developed closely on one of our Slalom blades. Using this combination we have produced a versatile touring blade, which encourages you to blend strokes. The Bombora gives a smooth feel through each stroke and has a rock solid, but not exhausting catch. Its shorter blades give quick and easy exit, which assist in faster acceleration. Bombora will take you to that distant offshore play spot and give you the range of strokes to ride the waves when you get there.

Suitable Body Weight Limits: 63kg (10st) - 114kg (18st)

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Paddle Data

Paddle width: 18cm
Paddle length: 49cm
Paddle resistance area: 670 cm2
Available shaft lengths:
Straight shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 10cm)
Cranked shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 10cm)

Available Styles