Atlantis - 605 cm2

The Atlantis is an excellent choice for Sea Kayaking for both long or short distances. Its rounded back feels remarkably firm when cutting down a surf wave, and with its specially designed curve on the drive face it can give you the power of a mid-sized blade when wind or swells are against you. Don't be decieved by its 605cm2 surface area, it feels more like 610cm2.. Shorter blades are great for close quarter manoeuvring and combined with a firm catch the blades provide good acceleration. However, this incredibly light luxurious paddle is not desugned for coastal play in rock gardens or rock hopping. Atlanits is at its best simply cruising on an exciting exploration be is on a river, lake or the Ocean.

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Paddle Data

Paddle width: 17.5cm
Paddle length: 46cm
Paddle resistance area: 605 cm2
Available shaft lengths:
Straight shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 10cm)
Cranked shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 10cm)

Available Styles