Atlantis - 660 cm2

Atlantis is an all round Touring and Kayak Fishing paddle. The blades have been designed based on a Swedish template called the Archipelago. For touring the Atlantis has been created to use on long cruises, but it also offers strong grip when needed in choppy conditions, and Surfing large swells. Due to Atlantis's power it is perfect for  Kayak Fishing boats. This paddle gracefully enters and exits the water giving a positive feel with each stroke whether your boat is empty, or laden with fish, gear & equipment.

Suitable Body Weight Limits: 63kg (10st) - 114kg (18st)

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Paddle Data

Paddle width: 17.5cm
Paddle length: 50cm
Paddle resistance area: 660sq cm
Available shaft lengths:
Straight shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 10cm)
Cranked shaft: 205cm - 210cm - 215cm (can extend 4cm)

Available Styles